September 26, 2022
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College relaxing COVID-19 related restrictions

By | Feb 19, 2021

Ithaca College is relaxing some COVID-19-related restrictions due to a low positivity rate on campus.

Intramural basketball faces competitive imbalance

By | Mar 27, 2013

During intramural basketball season, the basketball courts in Hill Center are always open and games are being played on each of the three courts. On the first court, groups of friends hustle up and down the court in a casual game, while a hard fought contest between two rival teams takes place across the blue,…

Video: Ithaca College welcomes new intramural sport, pinkyball

By | Nov 8, 2012

Ithaca College’s department of recreational sports is debuting a new sport, pinkyball, this December in the form of an intramural tournament.