October 26, 2021
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Beating around the bush

By | Sep 22, 2011

Walk along Route 13 south, right beside the train tracks until the railroad bridge crosses the creek by Agway. Cross the bridge. Balance on the steel tracks, hop from one railroad tie to the next. Hang a left.

City of Ithaca considers banning hydraulic fracturing

By | Sep 15, 2011

The City of Ithaca is considering a complete ban of horizontal hydraulic fracturing — also known as fracking — within city limits, while state and federal governments still have not determined whether the natural gas extraction process is safe.

The Chain Restaurant

By | Oct 26, 2010

I am positive that we have all, at some point in our lives, been to a chain. You know, we are talking about those places like Five Guys, Olive Garden, Applebees, and even nonfood places like Target and Walmart, that are dotted across the country and no matter which one you go to they are…

It’s getting Windy….

By | Sep 13, 2010

I was driving on Clinton St in Ithaca the other day and was about to come up onto Route 13 intersection when I saw it. An enormous 18 (or more?) wheeler hauling some cargo. But this wasn’t your average cargo. This was cargo of epic proportions. Traffic was stopped from all four sides as it…