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Rainswept is full of breathtaking art and music, but the game lacks character building and plot. The game also suffers from a plethora of glitches and errors that interrupt the immersive experience.

Review: “Rainswept” is a deluge of visceral visuals

By Avery Alexander February 20, 2019

A rich landscape of beautiful, rolling hills is quickly followed by the silhouette of a man in his window — then a heart-stopping bang leads to peaceful silence. This is the beginning of “Rainswept,”...

The boy and his bird venture through a forest overlooking the city in “A Bird Story.” The game follows these two as they form an unlikely bond, leading them to sorrow, joy and friendship.

Review: ‘A Bird Story’ soars with engaging atmosphere

By Steven Pirani, Assistant Life & Culture November 19, 2014
Freebird Games' "A Bird Story" is a superb example of powerful storytelling in the digital realm.

Review: Good looks and memorable plot propel indie title

By Robert Mayo, Staff Writer June 17, 2014
With its superb art direction and a gripping narrative, "Transistor" is a gaming triumph.

Review: Mediocre story robs game of quality

By Steven Pirani, Assistant Accent Editor March 19, 2014
Stealthy action title stumbles over a confounding plot and clumsy characterization.

Review: Game bravely pursues new combat

By Robert Mayo February 19, 2014
Role-playing game explores new combat system.

Review: Fairy-tale game wolfs down visuals

By Robert Mayo, Staff Writer November 14, 2013
Telltale Games releases episode one of its newest game "The Wolf Among Us."
Video game “Evoland” features the character Clink on his journey through the evolution of video games. During his travels, Clink encounters magical chests that give him special graphics and sound effects.

Review: ‘Evoland’ recalls retro video game strategies

By Nathan Rafalowski, Staff Writer April 24, 2013
"Evoland" surrounds the main character, Clink, while he goes through different eras of video games.
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