May 17, 2022
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Broadway star invited to speak with IC Showchoir

By | Dec 8, 2021

Students met in the James J. Whalen Center for Music, Room 2105 for approximately one hour of conversation with Broadway star Grey Henson.

‘Deja View’ – Women in Film: “Mean Girls” (2004)

By | Sep 14, 2021

The Ithacan · ‘Deja View’ – “Mean Girls” (2004)
Welcome back to Deja View!

Anxious Angel

By | Feb 8, 2015

Hello, readers!

Today, we’re going to be talking about something that I’ve gone through and that I’m sure many of you have also gone through. Anxiety. This is not really a laughing matter, because this is something that can completely consume you. For any of you who know what it’s like to have an anxiety attack, it’s horrible. You shut down. You feel everything and nothing, all at once. However, I do believe that there are SO many methods to overcoming anxiety and taking control. I am going to share just a few of those with you, today. But first, story time.