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Muslim Does Not Mean Terrorist: Inside Islamic Discrimination

By Sarah Pittman, Blogger November 23, 2015
With recent ISIS activity taking the forefront of the media coverage, the fear of terrorists is on high alert. People see a man in a turban in the airport and automatically rush to the worst-case scenario. I would like to take the opportunity to say this: Islam does not equal ISIS.
From left, seniors Anikah Shaokat and Jihan Mou identify as Muslim students. Some of the most central Islamic teachings include the belief in one God, Allah and practicing the Five Pillars.

Strength In Faith: Muslim students remain grounded in faith

By Celisa Calacal, Assistant Life & Culture Editor November 18, 2015
Muslim students continue battling misconceptions and staying true to Islam both on campus and in their lives.
Kathleen Mulligan, associate professor in the theater department, has been working with Theatre Wallay to develop a play about the 1947 Partition between India and Pakistan. She hosted a screening of her documentary on the Voices of Partition project Oct. 2.

Q&A: Theater professor discusses “Voices of Partition”

By Maura Aleardi, Staff Writer October 7, 2015
"Partition was a pretty painful period in history, but it’s also getting to hear stories of just everyday people and realize how much we’re alike."

Crazy thing is happening in China, and I don’t even know what it is…

By Jeremy Li March 3, 2014

A horrendous act of crime was committed in Kunming, a city in Southwestern China.  On March 1st, a group of men and women have their faces covered, ran into Kunming railway station and stabbed people...

New Miss America represents us all

By Ramya Vijayagopal September 26, 2013

Last Monday, when I read about the racist and hateful reactions of a small, yet vocal, part of the population to the newest Miss America, Nina Davuluri, I cried. As I read these comments, each one stung...

‘Innocence of Muslims’ video sparks violence and global debate

‘Innocence of Muslims’ video sparks violence and global debate

By Shea O'Meara, Senior Writer September 27, 2012
The Ithaca College community combats violence by emphasizing moderate aspects of the faith in the wake of anti-American protests.
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