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ITS to loan podcasting equipment to faculty and staff

By | Sep 16, 2010

In an attempt to enhance students’ learning experiences, Information Technology Services is now providing portable podcasting equipment to interested faculty and staff members on a loaner basis.

Classroom 2.0

By | Sep 16, 2010

A growing percentage of faculty members at institutions of higher education like the college are attempting to tap into the networks their students are already heavily using outside the classroom. Some faculty members at the college are incorporating social networking platforms, such as Twitter; collaborative creation platforms, such as blogs or wikis; and learning management…

A symphony of support

By | Sep 9, 2010

The last time Joshua Oxford’s band, OXtet, rehearsed was July 26, the day the 25-year-old musician came face to face with death. Bandmates were waiting for Oxford at a friend’s house, but he never showed up to rehearsal. After an hour passed, they piled into a van to make sure their friend was OK. Dan…

Guggenheim Fellow hired in School of Music

By | Sep 6, 2010

Composer Jorge Grossmann, a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, has joined Ithaca College as an assistant professor of music theory, history and composition. Contributing Writer Kelsey Husnick sat down with Grossmann, a native of Lima, Peru, to talk about his musical career and winning the Guggenheim Fellowship.

High hopes

By | Sep 2, 2010

A not-so-new “miracle drug” is getting increased attention from Poughkeepsie to Plattsburgh, from Brooklyn to Buffalo. Results from the 2010 Empire State Poll, an annual lifestyle survey conducted by Cornell University, showed that more than six in 10 New Yorkers support legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.

Falsely reported robbery linked to self-inflicted injury

By | Sep 1, 2010

Freshman Daniel Halliday has been issued an appearance ticket for the Town of Ithaca court and charged with falsely reporting an incident — a third degree Class A misdemeanor — Dave Maley, associate director of media relations at Ithaca College, said.

Rochon: ‘This is the year.’

By | Aug 26, 2010

After a year of enrollment worries and budget pressures, President Tom Rochon brought some good news. Thursday at the all-college faculty and staff meeting, he unveiled the introduction to a new comprehensive plan, “IC2020,” for Ithaca College’s success.

Graduate studies at the crossroads

By | Apr 15, 2010

In the middle of a push for Ithaca College to redefine its institutional mission, administrators are faced with making a decision that could affect the fate of the college’s graduate program. The administration is currently considering whether the Division of Graduate and Professional Studies should decentralize and become a component of the individual schools, overseen…

From the ground up

This is Michael Greenfield and Jodi Thomas’ 19th year of driving 45 miles from their Endwell, N.Y., home to visit the Ithaca Farmers Market. “We love the vegetables, and we love the bread,” Greenfield said. “It is becoming increasingly important [to eat organic], and we are becoming much more aware than we were 10 or…

Mapping an unseen world

By | Apr 1, 2010

Drops of sweat rolled off junior Kevin Hurley’s face onto his Ithaca track and field shirt, as he pushed his magnetometer across the ground of his team’s archaeology site. “I hope I’m getting better at this,” he said. “I definitely need to get better at the technique so I’m more attractive to graduate schools.”

Cornell campus shaken after suicides

By | Mar 25, 2010

After three suicides at the gorges in the past month, bringing the total number of suicides this academic year to six, Cornell University personnel find themselves trying to manage the sudden increase in student suicides and contest its reputation as a “suicide school.” William Sinclair, 19, was killed after dropping from a footbridge on campus…