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Lightening the load

By Aaron Edwards, News Editor November 4, 2010
As scholarly expectations for college professors climb nationwide, faculty members seeking tenure at Ithaca College are juggling more responsibilities in and out of the classroom amid discussion to lighten the teaching load.

Election face-off

By Ryan Sharpstene, Assistant News Editor October 28, 2010
With Election Day only five days away, the fate of candidates running for state and federal public office will soon be in the hands of voters.

Genital surgeries come under national scrutiny

By Taylor Long, Assistant News Editor October 21, 2010
Janet Green ’79 grew up wondering if there was something wrong with her. As a child born with an enlarged clitoris, Green said jumbled memories of being exposed in hospitals and paraded in front of doctors characterized the early years of her life. Before Green even left the hospital, she had already undergone her first…

Tea party movement spreads

By Ryan Sharpstene, Assistant News Editor October 7, 2010
Tea party groups have emerged across the country and are poised to make a serious impact in the upcoming midterm political elections — even in New York state and Tompkins County.

Federal funding for stem cell research restored

By Kelsey Fowler, Staff Writer September 30, 2010
University researchers still face an uncertain future as the debate over human embryotic stem cell research funding continues. The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia permanently suspended an Aug. 23 injunction Tuesday that had brought federal funding for the research to a halt. Researchers had been able to resume work with…

Dance for peace

By Taylor Long, Assistant News Editor September 23, 2010
Joseph Drumn, with his wiry gray hair pulled back into a ponytail at the nape of his neck, beats on a large drum, bouncing to the beat with his mouth gaping open. Drumn isn’t the only one lost in the rhythm. More than a dozen others are gathered around a pile of logs, not yet…

IC Hillel celebrates Sukkot

By Thad Komorowski, Staff Writer September 22, 2010
Campus community members gathered today as Ithaca College Hillel began its celebration of the annual seven-day Jewish Fall Harvest Festival in its sukkah, or harvest booth, outside Muller Chapel. The holiday runs from sundown today until sundown Wednesday.

ITS to loan podcasting equipment to faculty and staff

By Patrick Duprey, Contributing Writer September 16, 2010
In an attempt to enhance students’ learning experiences, Information Technology Services is now providing portable podcasting equipment to interested faculty and staff members on a loaner basis.

Classroom 2.0

By Michelle Bizon, Staff Writer September 16, 2010
A growing percentage of faculty members at institutions of higher education like the college are attempting to tap into the networks their students are already heavily using outside the classroom. Some faculty members at the college are incorporating social networking platforms, such as Twitter; collaborative creation platforms, such as blogs or wikis; and learning management…

A symphony of support

By Taylor Long, Assistant News Editor September 9, 2010
The last time Joshua Oxford’s band, OXtet, rehearsed was July 26, the day the 25-year-old musician came face to face with death. Bandmates were waiting for Oxford at a friend’s house, but he never showed up to rehearsal. After an hour passed, they piled into a van to make sure their friend was OK. Dan…

Guggenheim Fellow hired in School of Music

By Kelsey Husnick, Contributing Writer September 6, 2010
Composer Jorge Grossmann, a 2010 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, has joined Ithaca College as an assistant professor of music theory, history and composition. Contributing Writer Kelsey Husnick sat down with Grossmann, a native of Lima, Peru, to talk about his musical career and winning the Guggenheim Fellowship.

High hopes

By Ryan Sharpstene, Staff Writer September 2, 2010
A not-so-new “miracle drug” is getting increased attention from Poughkeepsie to Plattsburgh, from Brooklyn to Buffalo. Results from the 2010 Empire State Poll, an annual lifestyle survey conducted by Cornell University, showed that more than six in 10 New Yorkers support legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.
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