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Rising junior Sebastian Chavez, Students of Color Coalition senator, urges Ithaca College to work and collaborate with students of color in light of recent national fights against racial injustices.

Commentary: Power is listening, but the action is revolutionary

By Sebastian Chavez July 19, 2020
As the Students of Color Coalition senator and a P.O.C. individual, I am demanding Ithaca College to work and collaborate with P.O.C. students.
Rising junior Olivia Carpenter made face masks featuring a raised fist for herself and her father, Zavean Carpenter, to wear at a protest.

IC students participate in protests against police brutality and racism

By Alyshia Korba, Assistant News Editor June 27, 2020
Ithaca College students are participating in protests across the country to speak out against police brutality and racism against Black individuals.
Hundreds of protestors gathered on The Commons on May 31 to memorialize George Floyd, a black man who was killed in police custody, and protest against police violence against black people. This was the first gathering, which will be held weekly.

Ithaca community gathers to protest police brutality

By Madison Fernandez, Editor in Chief May 31, 2020
Floyd’s death has been a catalyst for people around the nation to come together to protest the killing of black individuals.
Black man, white officer, gray justice system

Black man, white officer, gray justice system

By Elizabeth Bierly, Staff Writer October 1, 2018
We have to hold our police officers to higher standards; without substantial reform within police stations, minorities will continue to be on the receiving end of bullets fired from an unjust system.
Sophomore August Miguez writes that law enforcement officers must be better trained to deal with mental health issues, and that the media needs to be more respectful of LGBT individuals.

Commentary: Mental health needs to be addressed in LGBTQ community

By August Miguez September 26, 2017
Why wouldn’t officers receive mental health training when, statistically, one out of every four college-age individuals struggle with mental illness?
Commentary: Denial and deceit present in policing

Commentary: Denial and deceit present in policing

By Paula Ioanide November 2, 2016
The courts tend to operate as the police’s bedfellow in this elaborate web of denial, lying and deceit.

Commentary: Police threatening boycott prove Kaepernick’s point

By Faith Meckley September 7, 2016
Any officers who choose to participate in a boycott of defending Levi Stadium are proving all the things they hate about Kaepernick’s opinion right. They are proving that there is indeed a limit to who they are willing to protect.

The Importance of Listening to Others

By Christina Tudor September 8, 2015

Over the past few weeks, there have been intense exchanges happening between Public Safety and Ithaca College RAs. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you read up about it immediately...

Collective hosts discussion on international movements

By Kira Maddox, Managing Editor January 31, 2015
Student organizers named the "Collective" hosted their third event in the Assata Shakur series.
Kayla Young spoke at the “Hands Up Walk Out” demonstration on Dec. 1. She wants the college to restructure the Native American Studies minor, which ties into understanding structural violence.

Commentary: Native American Studies is essential for equality

By Kayla Young December 9, 2014
Native American Studies is essential to understanding the violence of colonialism against black and brown people here in the United States.
Sophomore Luna Olavarria Gallegos speaks at the Hands Up Walk Out rally on Dec. 1 at Free Speech Rock.

IC students join national rally for racial justice

By Aidan Quigley, Staff Writer December 3, 2014
This week over 200 Ithaca College students withstood cold temperatures and gathered to demonstrate with students and others across the country and around the world, sharing their reflections and personal stories about how police brutality and violence affect them.
A Ferguson October participant kneels at a memorial dedicated to  Michael Brown on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, where he was shot and killed.

Commentary: Police brutality is unacceptable must be addressed

By Sarah Pearson October 28, 2014
On Oct. 9, exactly two months after Michael Brown’s death, I traveled 875 miles to Ferguson, Missouri, from Ithaca, New York, to attend Ferguson October.
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