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Professor Matthew Sullivan prepares to levitate various small objects at an event that celebrated Back to the Future Day on Oct. 21. Students have recognized Sullivan as an exceptional educator who pushes them to do their best work.

Ithaca College professor uses levitation to connect to students

By Daniel Hart, Staff Writer October 28, 2015
In honor of the movie, Sullivan and several of his students showed off levitating models of Marty on a hoverboard and of a jet-fueled DeLorean during an outreach event to a physics lab with three reporters, several students and a handful of photographers.

#CancelColbert More Complicated Than a Single Tweet (Pt. 2)

By Jared Wolf April 2, 2014

When I wrote about the 'other side' of the #CancelColbert controversy, the side that is being ignored by the mainstream media airtime but is at the heart of why the movement is so important, I realized...

#CancelColbert Aftermath Proves Campaign’s Vitalness (Part 1)

By Jared Wolf April 1, 2014

When I first saw the "#CancelColbert" movement filling up my Twitter dashboard, my initial reaction was to defend the host. "But it's satire!" I cried at my monitor. "It was a joke about racism, not a...

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