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Junior Birsen Gürkaynak shares her worries surrounding the Türkiye and Syria earthquake. She  believes that beyond physical help, donations support and show empathy toward earthquake victims.

Commentary: Earthquake support must span beyond local groups

By Birsen Gürkaynak February 14, 2023
On Feb. 6, at 4:17 a.m., Türkiye and Syria were hit by four independent earthquakes — the worst of its kind in 80 years on this fault line.
Arab League forgets Syria

Arab League forgets Syria

By Isabella Grullón Paz April 18, 2018
The U.S.-led airstrike is another of countless bouts of masculine insecurity manifested in foreign policy decisions.
National Recap: U.S. military launches airstrikes against Syria

National Recap: U.S. military launches airstrikes against Syria

By Meaghan McElroy, Opinion Editor April 17, 2018
The death toll reports for the chemical attacks have varied, with the Syrian Civil Defense, a pro-opposition group also known as the White Helmets, reporting at least 42 fatalities.
Phyllis Bennis, a prominent American writer, activist and political commentator who specializes in Middle Eastern politics, speaking about foreign policy in age of the Trump administration in the Dorothy D. and Roy H. Park Center for Business and Sustainable Enterprise.

Writer speaks about foreign policy under Trump administration

By Falyn Stempler, Staff Writer April 23, 2017
Patricia Rodriguez said she decided to organize the event because of what is at stake under the Trump administration.
From left, sophomore Sydney Brenner, vice president of Hillel, leads a discussion during a J Street U meeting on Feb. 20 in the Six Mile Creek room in the Campus Center. Junior Liz Alexander, co-president of Students for Justice in Palestine, voices her concerns over the lack of collaboration between SJP and on-campus pro-Israel groups at a different meeting April 11.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict reflected in campus community

By Kate Nalepinski, Life & Culture Editor April 19, 2017
Haueter said that while the Hillel sector of the college campus cannot meet with certain organizations, Hillel encourages productive, open dialogue.
History repeats itself

History repeats itself

By Isabella Grullón Paz April 19, 2017
What most newscasts or articles are missing, however, is that attacking another country’s military bases is an act of war.
National Recap: Tensions escalate with North Korea

National Recap: Tensions escalate with North Korea

By Celisa Calacal, Opinion Editor April 19, 2017
President Donald Trump sent a fleet of navy ships toward the Korean Peninsula April 8 in response to North Korea's escalating of its missile tests.
National Recap: Missiles escalate Syrian conflict

National Recap: Missiles escalate Syrian conflict

By Mary Ford, Managing Editor April 12, 2017
In response to the most recent use of chemical weapons, President Donald Trump acted decisively, firing 59 missiles to a Syrian air base.

Egypt backs Russia and sparks unofficial Cold War

By Isabella Grullon November 8, 2016
The economic relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia was the only thing that kept Egypt from turmoil.

The US displaces, but never aids

By Isabella Grullon October 31, 2016
If history teaches anyone anything, it's that the U.S. has a horrible reputation in aiding refugees from the countries it has invaded.

IC Greens hosts benefit concert

By Natalya Gioiella, Contributing Writer January 27, 2014
Music rang out in the IC Square as students gathered to help IC Greens raise money for UNICEF’s Help Syrian Children fund.
From left, Ithaca residents Claire Grady and Shakti Moksha march down Cayuga Street as a part of an anti war protest on Friday.

Ithaca activists speak out against war

By Jack Curran, On September 16, 2013
Ithaca residents took to the streets Friday afternoon to speak out against a potential United States intervention in Syria.
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