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The Losers’ Club reunites 27 years later in the part-two adaptation of Stephen King’s lengthy novel. “IT Chapter 2” features intriguing and pragmatic characters, even if its extensive runtime and loosely woven plot falls short.

Review: Dynamic characters keep horror film afloat

By Antonio Ferme, Staff Writer September 17, 2019

The first part of the “IT” franchise opens with an iconic scene: Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgård) confronts Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) in a sewer; the scene results in the 6-year-old boy’s...

“Us” mixes a government conspiracy, well-balanced blood and gore, impressive acting and nuanced characters to create a strong commentary on cultural, societal and racial tension in the United States like xenophobia.

Review: Horror movie ‘Us’ reflects cultural tension

By Jake Leary April 1, 2019

“Us” is at once familiar and foreign — it’s a traditional slasher turned and twisted into something radical and bizarre.   The film follows the Wilson family on their annual summer vacation:...

The Prodigy is full of predictable twists and turns and brings nothing new to the horror genre. However, the camera work and lighting make up for these pitfalls.

Review: “The Prodigy” is nothing special

By Selin Tuter February 11, 2019

What happens when a cold-blooded serial killer reincarnates into a newborn baby’s body? It becomes a huge mess. Though the events in “The Prodigy” are messy and gory, the storyline is even more...

The London Eye was lit up with the colors of the French flag the week of the November 2016 terrorist attacks in Paris. Ithaca College London Center students have been reported safe following an attack outside of British Parliament in London March 22.

Ithaca College students react to terrorist attacks abroad

By Evan Popp, Staff Writer April 20, 2016
“We turned on the news, watched it for probably like three or four hours, saw that there were about a hundred or so people who were killed at the concert hall, and then they closed the border, so we didn’t know what the heck we were going to do,” Greenfield said.
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