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Authors capitalize off of famous book series with poor sequels

By | Sep 24, 2020

Remakes, sequels and prequels keep appearing on movie screens and bookstore shelves to bank off of nostalgic fans.

Student compiles spreadsheet of Ithaca College fan fiction

By | Sep 9, 2020

In July, Chloe Landau ’20 compiled links to all of the fan fictions about Ithaca College that she could find.

Review: ‘Twilight’ novel offers nothing new to saga

By | Aug 30, 2020

In “Midnight Sun,” a “Twilight” saga novel from Edward Cullen’s perspective, author Stephenie Meyer only solidifies Edward’s predatory behavior.

Review: ‘Twilight’ still wonderfully silly 10 years later

By | Oct 8, 2018

“Twilight” is not a perfect movie, but it’s certainly not as bad as an entire generation thought it was cool to pretend.

Review: Thrilling saga finale gets blood pumping

By | Nov 28, 2012

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2” marks the end of the popular “Twilight” franchise.

‘Breaking Dawn’ falls short of hype

By | Nov 30, 2011

While it may please fans of the book series, the film “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1” fails to adequately distinguish itself from the novel.

Iron & Wine Re-Works Moving Tune

By | Oct 29, 2011

In the endless debate of “Harry Potter” vs. “Twilight,” I’m Team Cedric Diggory. I only like one thing about the “Twilight” series, and that’s the music they use in the movies. I’ve seen two of the movies simply to see how the music is used. I love listening to music so I can imagine how…