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Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra Performs

By , | Oct 29, 2014

The Gamer Symphony Orchestra performed in Ford Hall on Oct 28. Their set list included songs from video games such as “Final Fantasy” and “Fire Emblem.”

Review: Mediocre story robs game of quality

By | Mar 19, 2014

Stealthy action title stumbles over a confounding plot and clumsy characterization.

Students unite in game-development marathon

By | Jan 22, 2014

On Jan. 24, the college will host Global Game Jam, an international event where gamers and game developers team up to create video games for 48-hours.

Review: ‘Evoland’ recalls retro video game strategies

By | Apr 24, 2013

“Evoland” surrounds the main character, Clink, while he goes through different eras of video games.

Review: Video game triumphs with refined combat

By | Apr 4, 2013

“BioShock: Infinite” provides impressive combat mechanics and a clever and complex story.

Review: Action video game offers thrilling combat

By | Mar 21, 2013

New Tomb Raider video game reveals the back story of female protagonist Lara Croft.

Review: Videogame expands tactical role playing genre

By | Feb 20, 2013

“Fire Emblem: Awakening” refines the Tactical Role Playing Genre and maintains classic features.

Review: Imaginative videogame creates magical journey

By | Jan 29, 2013

Japanese Role Playing Game “Ni no Kuni” dazzles with strong art direction and a creative storyline.

Review: ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ shines with permanent gameplay

By | Nov 14, 2012

The video game takes the player’s decisions in the game and makes them permanent.

Review: ‘Dishonored’ dazzles video gamers with sound effects

By | Oct 24, 2012

“Dishonored” lets players explore a dystopian city in the Victorian era and fight the guards protecting the city.

Play that funky music, game boy

By | Sep 26, 2012

The Ithaca College Gamer Symphony Orchestra is a newly created student-run orchestra that performs musical scores from video games.

NHL lockout looming: buy NHL ’13

By | Sep 24, 2012

Due to the NHL lockout that is going to majorly suck for all parties involved, a positive can come out of the situation: playing more NHL ’13.