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Letter to the Editor: A student responds to a commentary about Ukraine

Letter to the Editor: A student responds to a commentary about Ukraine

By Elijah de Castro May 11, 2023
However, describing war as an “investment” is the type of thinking that has led to the deaths of countless innocent people.
Sophomore Landon Le talks about the reasons that United States should aid Ukraine. He analyzes the importance of helping Ukraine during its crisis.

Commentary: United States should support Ukraine

By Landon Le May 8, 2023
With talks in Washington mounting over the debt ceiling, U.S. taxpayers should take special notice of how much we
After suffering a major injury in Afghanistan, Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence) comes home and strikes up a meaningful friendship in Causeway.

Review: Jennifer Lawrence leads tender drama about trauma

By Lily Lipka, Staff Writer November 19, 2022
The A24-produced film "Causeway" beautifully explores trauma, led by terrific performances from Jennifer Lawrence and Brian Tyree Henry.
Paul Bäumer (Felix Kammerer) and his friends face the horrors of World War I in this authentic war film from Germany.

Review: German remake of war classic is brutal and bold

By Sarah Payne, Contributing Writer November 8, 2022
The german remake of the 1930 film "All Quiet on the Western Front" brings to life the dark, traumatizing and life-changing nature of war.
Based on an insane true story, The Greatest Beer Run Ever follows John “Chickie” Donohue (Zac Efron) as he travels to Vietnam in order to deliver beers to his friends.

Review: Vietnam war film fails to capitalize on themes

By Evan Miller, Staff Writer October 12, 2022
Academy Award-winner Peter Farrelly, mostly known for "Green Book," imbues his latest film with the same sappy plotting and screenplay.
Sophomore Nane Hakobyan discusses the importance of helping Armenian citizens. Hakobyan notes the lack of proper media coverage related to the attacks on her home.

Commentary: Armenians are crying out, and it’s time to act

By Nane Hakobyan September 21, 2022
It’s not in the Nagorno-Karabakh border zone, it’s not just exchange of fire, but attacks on my home. Media doesn’t cover the truth when they cannot profit.
Senior Zahra Sandhu, opinion editor for The Ithacan, reflects on the realities of today and how it is helpful to factor the past into the present while moving toward an informed future.

Commentary: In these times, imagining potential futures is necessary

By Zahra Sandhu May 12, 2022
In times of overwhelming despair, we must try to reimagine life in the midst of death. 
Anxiety-inducing cinematography carries 1917, a World War I film on a breathtaking and colossal scale.

Review: Film captures realistic panic of war

By Antonio Ferme January 17, 2020

Set during World War I, “1917” is a grand-scaled epic directed and co-written by Sam Mendes. Mendes based the premise of the story loosely on a tale his grandfather told him when he was a boy. The...

Larry Shepherds (Steve Carell) son dies in battle, and Shepard is sent on a journey that reunites him with his old war buddies, Sal Nealson (Bryan Cranston) and Reverend Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne).

Review: Linklater’s latest lets performances thrive

By Liam Conway, Staff Writer December 6, 2017
Despite the strength of the performances, there are moments where it feels like good acting is all the movie has to offer.
Hacksaw Ridge is the true story of World War Two medic, Desmond Doss. Doss won a medal of honor for rescuing over 70 of his squadmates during the battle of Okinawa.

Review: Mel Gibson revives his career with ‘Hacksaw Ridge’

By Aidan Lentz, Staff Writer February 22, 2017
This may just be the movie that Gibson was born to direct. The simple yet inspiring moral tale is a perfect fit for the director of “Braveheart.”

Editorial: Students must fight for peace

By The Ithacan April 17, 2013
More soldiers on active duty committed suicide than were killed by enemies in combat last year, according to a figure released by the Department of Defense. Despite these alarming numbers — 177 active duty soldiers killed themselves, while 176 were killed by others in 2012 — many Americans turn a blind eye to the nation’s…

Will North Korea spark a new war?

By Rachael Hartford April 4, 2013
Last week, North Korea announced that its missiles would be ready to strike the U.S. mainland. A report distributed through its state-run news agency, KCNA, shows the country’s leader Kim Jong Un and his top military chiefs planning military attacks on Hawaii, Washington, D.C., Austin and Los Angeles. North Korea cut its military hotline with…
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