September 28, 2021
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National Recap: An invasive species of giant lizard threatens Georgia’s wildlife

By | Dec 11, 2020

The Argentine black and white tegu, an invasive species of giant lizard, is invading the Southeast, particularly Georgia.

Review: Struggling family’s story told with grace

By | Dec 2, 2018

“Wildlife” leaves the audience with a reminder: Life can be the hardest it’s ever been but still be beautiful.

New student club looks to work with local wildlife

By | Oct 1, 2018

As an incoming Ithaca College freshman, Ana Maria Arroyo looked forward to making connections with people who shared her passion for wildlife.

Shark Finning: A Deadly Delicacy 

By The Ithacan | Sep 4, 2014

At millions of restaurants around the world, “shark fin soup” is served as a common delicacy. What the menu won’t tell you, however, is about the cruel practice used in order to harvest those fins.

‘Wildlife’: Band unveils dark release

By | Oct 26, 2011

Three years after the release of its last album in 2008, La Dispute returns with a newfound post-hardcore sound.