March 22, 2023
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Course offerings drop but faculty workload rises

By | Feb 22, 2023

Across Ithaca College, there are limited course offerings because of major curricular revisions and faculty cuts made in the 2020–21 academic year.

Starbucks unions continue to fight anti-union efforts in court

By | Feb 8, 2023

Starbucks workers across New York State are complaining of continued retaliation and coercion by management in an attempt to stop unionization efforts, resulting in lawsuits against the company.

Students receive scam emails promoting employment

By | Jan 25, 2023

Students have been receiving scam emails from Ithaca College’s Department of Biology offering a high-paying job.

Students feel frustration with college Medical Amnesty Policy

By | Sep 28, 2022

Confusion about Ithaca College’s Medical Amnesty Policy (MAP) has caused some students to call for clarity.

Pianist shortage does not play well with IC music students

By | Sep 13, 2022

A shortage of pianists in the School of Music, Theater, and Dance is causing some students frustration as they cannot meet their accompaniment needs.