January 29, 2023
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‘Gone’: Talented actress lost in dark plot

The fast-paced thriller “Gone” hits a victim in a quest for vengeance against the only people who can help her — the police.

Jill (Amanda Seyfried) escapes death after being held captive in a ditch by a man who only she can identify. No evidence is found in Jill’s case, and the police conclude she conjured up the crime in her head. The distraught damsel is institutionalized, and after her release, her sister Molly goes missing, leaving  one conclusion for Jill’s brain to master.

Jill’s quest to find out who has her sister is so perfect it’s unbelievable. Yet, it is hard to foresee that a person of an unbalanced mental state would devise a flawless plan to seek revenge on her enemy.

With the generic plot comes the generic soundtrack. The tracks are seemingly meant to complement and magnify the thrill of the movie, but they will likely be stuck in the film and rarely listened to again. If subtle music was chosen for the film, it would have been much more enjoyable and less distracting.

Seyfried was a completely miscasted, which could have contributed to the film’s lackluster tone. Watching Seyfried get chased by the police around Portland, Ore., came off as comical. She performs better in romantic comedies, not in a film with such action and intensity.

Though it put up a good fight, “Gone” proved to be a puzzle with too many missing pieces.