October 6, 2022
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Immature remake keeps comedy fun

Rebooted with a star-studded cast, the updated “Arthur” takes comedic antics from the 1981 original and sprinkles in some modern humor.

The comedy revolves around the bratty Arthur (Russell Brand), who is forced to grow up fast or be denied his inheritance. To keep his wealth, Arthur must marry Susan (Jennifer Garner), who he doesn’t love, at the insistence of his mother. Arthur hilariously resists her promiscuity and attempts to fend her off with his childish humor. In one scene, he even tries to map out a life plan in crayon.

Brand, the quirky comic, was made for this leading role. He not only shares the British heritage of the main character, but his prankster personality fits the mold. Thankfully, he’s not too over-the-top, like he was in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

Fellow Brit Helen Mirren plays Arthur’s nurturing nanny Hobson. In the original film, Hobson was played by John Gielgud and was not a nanny, but a caring butler. Whether she is tucking him into bed or knocking him out in the boxing ring, Hobson is always there to lend support. Their relationship is heartwarming and funny, adding some of the most genuine moments in the movie.

The comedy stays pretty true to the original movie plot. With Brand’s quirky humor, this remake has its own flare.

“Arthur” was written by Peter Baynham and directed by Jason Winer.

3 out of 4 stars