January 30, 2023
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‘Lockout’: Thriller crashes with poor script

While the directors of “Lockout” aimed to piece together the most thrilling parts of classic films like “Armageddon,” “The Green Mile” and “Rambo” to create an epic tale of patriotism and adventure, they only managed to produce a lackluster film filled with clichés.

“Lockout” follows Agent Snow (Guy Pearce) as he tries to avoid a lifetime in prison after he is convicted of double-crossing fellow government operatives. When the president’s daughter Emilie (Maggie Grace) is taken hostage by inmates in the prison, Snow is given an ultimatum — spend life in jail or rescue the girl. There’s a bit of a twist: the top-secret, high-security prison is in outer space.

The sci-fi-meets-classic-conspiracy flick idea had some potential to make an early summer blockbuster, but the execution of the “Lockout” storyline fell short. The literally out-of-this-world characters and places simply existed without any explanation as to how they got there. The top-secret space prison that served as the setting for most of the film has almost no history. This lack of context makes it difficult to understand key characters’ motives or to become fully invested in the film.

Despite its promising storyline, “Lockout” is not much more than yet another violence-filled sci-fi flick trying to launch in Hollywood.