October 6, 2022
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‘Mirror Mirror’: Whimsical film falls to pieces

Despite its star-studded cast, the fantasy flick “Mirror Mirror” fails in becoming the charming film that it tries to be.

A modern retelling of “Snow White,” the film follows the evil Queen Clementianna (Julia Roberts) as she plots against Snow White (Lily Collins) to take control of the kingdom and to marry Prince Andrew (Armie Hammer), who has his heart set on Snow White. Supported by her personal servant Brighton (Nathan Lane), the queen faces off against Snow White and the seven dwarves.

Unfortunately, Roberts’ performance is much too forced. The amount of effort put into her performance reeks of desperation, and any humor that her role would evoke is quickly disparaged as a result. Roberts has proved in multiple other films that she is a talented cinematic comedienne, but the direction and writing of “Mirror Mirror” prevent her from performing to her potential.

However, supervising art directors Ramsey Avery and Isabelle Guay did a fantastic job of bringing the fairy tale to life. The costume and sets   featured throughout are whimsical and delightful despite the film’s broken qualities.

Though visually spectacular, the disjointed plot and forced acting turn “Mirror Mirror” into an unfulfilling waste of time.