June 6, 2023
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Review: Love at heart of lyrical record

John Legend "Love in the Future"

John Legend’s first solo album in five years, “Love in The Future,” is yet another great release from the rhythm-and-blues and soul artist. The record is a collection of 16 love songs, incorporating Legend’s old-fashioned sensuality. He worked with longtime collaborators Dave Tozer and Kanye West to give this album a soulful sound.

Especially personal for Legend, the album features songs such as “All of Me” and “You and I,” which are written for his fiance, model Chrissy Teigen, who is at the heart of this album. These romantic songs express his honesty and commitment to his fiance. In “All of Me,” he sings, “You’re my downfall / you’re my muse / my worst distraction / my rhythm and blues / I can’t stop singing / it’s ringing in my head for you.” The track has a very simple arrangement with just piano and vocals, keeping focus on the lyrical expression of his deep infatuation and all-consuming love for Teigen.

“Love in The Future” includes his hit single, “Made to Love,” which features strong drums, keyboards and instrumentals, adding a tribal flair while still showcasing his alluring vocals. The track featuring Rick Ross, “Who Do We Think We Are,” mixes Legend’s old soul with Ross’s modern hip-hop. The mixture of soulful vocals, piano and harp, with the raw sounds of bass and turntables, helps to intertwine the two genres. The end product is a smooth and head-bobbing tune.

The album showcases Legend’s skills as a vocalist, lyricist and musician. It is sexy, soulful and hopeful, a legendary album from the already-established musician.