June 1, 2023
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Review: Monkeys swing with new styles


Arctic Monkeys

In sync with their other albums, “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” and “Suck It and See,” the Arctic Monkeys’ latest album, “AM,” keeps up with their established indie-rock style, but introduces an upbeat and ambient rhythm.

From the minute the very first song, “Do I Wanna Know?” begins to play, the listener feels intrigued by Jamie Cook’s punchy guitar licks and Alex Turner’s compelling voice.

Tracks like “Arabella,” “Knee Socks” and “R U Mine?” are favorites on the album. Each song’s ambient rhythm, grungy guitar and edgy riffs captivate the listener. The Arctic Monkeys fill this album with complex beats and erratic tempo changes, so much so that the listener never knows what is coming up next.

At times, “AM” feels like the Monkeys are trying too hard to complicate their songs, but it grabs hold of the listener by beginning with one tempo or style and eventually intermingling a different one throughout each song.

But as “AM” progresses, the Monkeys lose their initial appeal and begin to fade into the background. Individually, the songs are great, but the Arctic Monkeys’ distinct style grows nauseating.

Overall, “AM” is successful, because it upholds the Arctic Monkeys’ classic style without feeling repetitive. This album is true to the Arctic Monkeys’ established style, but it is enticing because it is explorative and does not duplicate their previous work.