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Sheryl Crows most recent album, Evolution, was released March 29 and features more of her signature country rock songs.

Sheryl Crow shows ‘Evolution’ of her signature sound

By Sheelagh Doe, Contributing Writer April 3, 2024
Sheryl Crow’s new album, “Evolution,” was released March 29 and is a sugary addition to her repertoire of dance-it-out in your bedroom rock-and-roll songs.
Usher released his first independent album Coming Home, on February 9, only days before preforming at the Super Bowl LVIII halftime show.

“Coming Home”: An empty time capsule to Usher’s beginnings

By Mila Ventura-Rodriguez, Staff Writer February 18, 2024
Usher’s last album was released in 2016. In the last eight years, Usher has kept somewhat of a low profile. However, he has come back into the spotlight this year, a year that marks 30 years since his debut album, “Usher,” in 1994. By this point in many other artist’s careers, this is when they start making much darker and riskier moves in their art.
Danny Brown released his newest album, Quaranta, Nov. 17.

Danny Brown raps a story of love, drugs and alcohol with hints of jazz

By Jess Williams, Staff Writer November 30, 2023
“XXX” became Brown’s career-launching album, defying all odds as a music artist in that age group, especially in a genre that emphasizes youth. “Quaranta” looks back on the 10 years Brown has spent as Detroit’s most divisive underground rapper.
Blink-182 released their new album, ONE MORE TIME, Oct. 20 after touring for seven months and playing 59 shows. The album showcases the bands iconic sound, but a mix of seriousness makes the album different from the rest.

Blink-182 gives listeners an excuse to be reminiscent with a nostalgic album

By Billy Wood, Assistant Sports Editor October 25, 2023
Since longtime co-vocalist and guitarist Tom Delonge left for a second time in early 2015, Blink-182 has been chasing the classic carefree sound, trickled in with extremely heartfelt and deep songs, that made them big in their heyday of “Enema of the State” and their self-titled record. After two albums with an underwhelming Matt Skiba on vocals with vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus, Delonge has finally returned for “ONE MORE TIME.” While the classic Blink sound is back, a larger mix of serious tones add a stronger feel to the album.
The Rolling Stones most recent album, Hackney Diamonds, has other trendy voices other than their own, from Paul McCartney, Elton John, Lady Gaga to Stevie Wonder.

Almost 60 years later and the Rolling Stones are still rocking

By Tess Ferguson, Sports Editor October 24, 2023
Frontman Mick Jagger, who turned 80 in July, proved that despite his age, he can still craft songs that are catchy and enjoyable. Tracks like “Bite My Head Off” and “Driving Me Too Hard” show that the band has not lost its knack for creating memorable rock anthems. In the Stones’ first album since the death of their anchor, drummer Charlie Watts, the sneering pieces are nostalgic of the group’s gritty roots. 
Sufjan Stevens newest album, Javelin, deals with pain and grief in a beautiful way, proving no matter with what background, he always has a powerful story to tell.

Sufjan Stevens handles grief and loss in a beautiful way in ‘Javelin’

By Matt Minton, Senior Writer October 17, 2023
Stevens’ vocals throughout are just as beautiful and heavenly as fans have to expect from his past albums. But in “Javelin,” he leans even heavier into solely instrumental music — both electronically and acoustically — as heard in the last two minutes of “Shit Talk.” These more artistic and experimental flourishes give the record an unmistakable feeling of euphoria, conveying two lovers connecting from across worlds, across the boundaries of life and death.
Del Water Gap releases a sophomore album that, despite having heavy themes all throughout, has tracks that are lively and easy to get lost in.

In a solo project, Del Water Gap releases a truly lyrically unique album

By Kinsey Burr, Staff Writer October 2, 2023
Samuel Holden Jaffe, also known by his stage name Del Water Gap, released the sophomore album of his solo project, “I Miss You Already + I Haven't Left Yet,” on Sept. 29. The 12-track indie-pop album, immersed with layers of folk and rock, creates an eclectic sound true to his discography but explores new themes of addiction and self-acceptance reflective of Jaffe’s newfound fame and sobriety.
Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling is Slaughter Beach, Dogs most recent album. Their chill sound in this album is much different than their heavier music theyve released in the past.

Slaughter Beach, Dog make a new chill album perfect for roadtrip music

By Rowan Keller Smith, Staff Writer September 28, 2023
“Crying, Laughing, Waving, Smiling” has a distinct sound that strays away from Edwald’s start in emo revival band Modern Baseball. The mellow and deeply heartfelt folk-rock sound of the album mixed with Edwald’s songwriting gives a feeling of a slightly chipper Tom Waits. Edwald was, in fact, inspired by songwriters like Waits, Randy Newman and Neil Young. 
Mitskis new album, The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We, is a hauntingly religious album that describes the complexities of romantic relationships.

Mitski’s new album haunts listeners in the best of ways

By Rowan Keller Smith, Staff Writer September 21, 2023
Released Sept. 15, “The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We” stands out from the singer-songwriter's other discography. The album is both cinematic and intimate. There is a folky twang to the instrumentals, written by Drew Erickson, that work beautifully with her haunting lyrics and a beautiful, soft Southern Gothic undertone that permeates the album.
Corrine Bailey Raes new R&B album, Black Rainbows, had listeners feeling liberated, inspired and transformed from her gritty lyrics.

Corrine Bailey Rae masters a new musical frontier in ‘Black Rainbows’

By Sarah Payne, Staff Writer September 19, 2023
The near 45-minute album is liberating, inspired and transformative. “Black Rainbows”  is unafraid to be gritty in the humanity, hope and pain that fuels the topic matter, as well as in its spunky, yet sensual, production. The intricate focus clearly put on placing these songs in the right order on the tracklist helps enhance the listening experience. 
In her new album, GUTS, Olivia Rodrigo shows listeners a transition in her lyrics as she goes from being a teenager to a young adult.

Rodrigo keeps sound consistent in ‘Guts’

By Jadyn Davis, Senior Staff Writer September 12, 2023
Following the success of her debut album “SOUR,” Olivia Rodrigo’s second album “GUTS,” shows that she is no longer the 17-year-old Disney kid singing about getting her driver's license, but now a 20-year-old who is having fun as she navigates young adulthood.
Slowdives new alum, everything is alive maintains their original 80s, 90s sound while appealing to new listeners.

Review: Slowdive’s newest album is an ethereal experience

By Rowan Keller Smith, Staff Writer September 5, 2023
“The prayers of Saint Christopher / Travelers and stones / And ghosts on the river / Days fold into the end / Know I ran the Roman head / And you are the heart / The prayer I remember.” The mention of Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, is perfect given that “everything is alive” will make the listener feel like they are being uprooted and taken on a surreal, psychedelic pilgrimage.
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