October 7, 2022
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‘Sweet Sour’: Garage rockers soften sound

British trio Band of Skulls has made quite a splash over the last three years with their tenacious brand of energized garage rock. On its new album, “Sweet Sour,” the group turns down the volume for some moments of meditation.
The band’s first album, “Baby Darling Doll Face Honey,” lived and died by its gargantuan power chords. With its newest endeavor, some tracks abide by this mentality while others take on an introspective tone.
One track that still relies on Band of Skulls’ traditional hard rock style is “Bruises.” The song features interludes with softer vocals and guitar lines that erupt in an onslaught of distortion and pounding drums.
Tracks such as “Navigate” and “Hometowns” show Band of Skulls’ softer side. Both songs include Russell and Emma’s hushed vocals against the guitar.
With this album, Band of Skulls show off their ability to give fans what they want. In this manner, “Sweet Sour” took on an on-point, multidimensional sound.