February 8, 2023
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‘The Vow’: Superstar cast charms in flick

No strangers to Hollywood’s romantic concoctions, Channing Tatum and Rachel
McAdams team up to bring to life the bittersweet tale of forgotten love in the latest tearjerker movie, “The Vow.”

Based on a true story, Tatum and McAdams play newlyweds, Leo and Paige, whose love is put to the test after experiencing a tragic car accident one wintry evening. In an unsettling opening scene that may startle viewers, Paige is seen bursting through the windshield after the car is hit by a truck from behind, putting her in a devastating coma for weeks.

Simultaneously, the film shows bits and pieces of the couple’s blissful lives prior to the accident, which builds up the emotional disappointment when Paige reawakens and has no recollection of Leo and their marriage or anything that has happened in the last five years of her life. Despite Leo’s attempts in jogging her memory of their love by recreating their first date and reminding her of how they fell in love, a number of obstacles continue to keep the newlywed couple apart.

Still, despite how loving and loyal a husband Leo is, his affectionate demeanor doesn’t change the fact that he seems so perfect and surreal.

Tatum’s flawless bodybuilder figure does not help the case, making his character unrelatable. Similarly, while McAdams’ acting skills are as admirable as ever, her character’s development comes off as erratic and, like Tatum’s character,

Throughout the majority of the film, it is confusing to predict whether Paige will regain her memory. Being a hopeful love story, the plot helps viewers remain confident that the female lead will regain her memory and live a happy ending. However, because “The Vow” is based on a true story, one of its main selling points, it becomes thoroughly unpredictable whether she will ever remember her seemingly “perfect” husband.

Overall, “The Vow” is a romantic movie that many people will surely gush over. Just in time for the Valentine’s Day season, the flick may satisfy audiences with the charming presence of Tatum and McAdams.