December 3, 2022
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Weezer re-uses old sound

Weezer’s third album, “Hurley,” features the blissful face of “Lost” star Jorge Garcia on its cover. However, listeners’ expressions will not be as happy, for the record is a solid yet recycled effort.

The album is cohesive — one song organically transitions into the next. There is a symmetry of subject matter — the two standout tracks are “Unspoken,” a refreshingly subdued ode to bad relationships, and “Hang On,” a joyous promise of renewed love with a Celtic lilt.

Despite consistency of sound, most tracks on “Hurley” do not stand out. Rivers Cuomo’s vocals on “Memories” are reminiscent of the straining 2008 song, “Troublemaker.” However, the bonus track version includes a live recording of a quieter, almost sweeter version of Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida,” which nicely wraps up the album.

Overall, the songs on “Hurley” are good, but not remarkable. If Weezer was able to let more time lapse between CD releases, perhaps they could create a stronger, more memorable impression.