May 30, 2023
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Whimsical acting mitigates adultery

Some problems can become so complicated that they have no simple solution.

Such a quandary is the premise of “The Dilemma,” in which Ronny (Vince Vaughn) catches the wife of his best friend Nick (Kevin James) in the arms of another man.

In his most solid performance since “Wedding Crashers,” Vaughn delivers a humorous and convincing performance as a loyal best friend struggling with newfound adulterous knowledge. Entertaining scenes show Ronny stalking Beth and her lover (Channing Tatum) to obtain photographic evidence of the affair. He later preaches about honesty, personifying it as a bounty hunter tracking down disloyalty.

James plays the role of Nick, the wronged husband and stressed businessman, but fails to bring his own dynamic persona, as seen in the television sitcom “The King of Queens,” to film. Tatum, in an unusual but nevertheless likeable role, expertly plays “the other guy.”

Though peculiarly light for Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard, the film is still an enjoyable experience for viewers. While important details, such as Nick’s own acts of infidelity, are never given rightful attention, the film exposes all sides of a predicament: the struggle, the panic and ultimately, the reluctant confrontation.

“The Dilemma” was written by Alan Hoeb and directed by Ron Howard.

2.5 out of 4 stars