December 9, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 27°F


A Fresh Start

There’s always that “buzz” in a new beginning, no matter what the circumstance is. The start of a new job has a buzz. The first time you go out with a particular girl or guy has a buzz. The opening to a new school year, for a select few at least, has a buzz.

Well for sports fans all around the country, today that “buzz” is getting experienced. Despite the fact there was a game this past Thursday night, today marks the opening of a fresh, brand new NFL season.

Everyone, minus the Saints and Vikings, is undefeated and in control of their own destiny. Something about the start of a new professional football season brings that excitement and energy to the sports world.

And yes, college football did start two weeks ago. But to me, college football is not the same as professional. There are two many teams, conferences and players in college to keep track of it all.

Forget about the fact the NFL has inappropriate contracts, a nasty labor agreement going on and a lot of bad people. Why? Because when you just focus on the way the game is played compared to college. It’s faster. They hit harder. It is not as sloppy or lopsided all of the time.

The first Sunday in the NFL season means that for every weekend over the next five months, we will have guaranteed entertainment in our living rooms and sports bars.

As the baseball season comes to a close and the football season opens, it’s safe to say now is one of the greatest times of the year.

So, take a break from your strenuous lives, grab a nice cold beverage, grill up some wings, gather up your friends, sit back and relax…even it only is for this one day.