March 26, 2023
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Approaching Balanced Nutrition

I was looking over some of the posters on my floor’s bulletin board and noticed an advertisement for A Thoughtful Approach to Balanced Nutrition: Cathy J. Saloff-Coste.  Cathy comes to campus every wednesday to talk to students with certain eating concerns.  I took down the number because I’ve always wanted to see what a nutritionist could actually do for me.  When I got to my initial meeting with her, we sat down and spoke about all of the concerns I have: Mostly regarding my eating habits and transitioning from home cooked meals to choosing for myself with limited options. She also took weight so she could further analyze where I should be in my (very tall) height category.  At the end, spoke about new habits I should be adapting to, what I should be avoiding, and what I’m already doing well at.
I’ve never gone to therapy, but speaking to a nutritionist is like that for food.  I have a large love-hate relationship with food— as you may be able to tell from my past weekly challenges— so actually verbalizing the problems that I have, instead of just writing or saying it in my head, was extremely helpful.  It’s even better that I was talking to an expert that could help me instead of Googling weird diet ideas online.
Because she only consulates on campus once a week, her schedule fills up quickly, so I was able to get an appointment two weeks after I called. She may also take your health insurance, otherwise there is a fee; so I did not have to pay the full price (it’s not too expensive don’t worry!).  After the first meeting, we scheduled a
If you’re interested, click here to find out more and give Cathy a call! Otherwise, IC has a lot of information written up in this PDF of other posters you have probably seen on campus.