January 31, 2023
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Better late than never: Here’s my bracket

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It’s 10:30 on Thursday night and I feel obliged to write a blog about March Madness. Probably should’ve written a post earlier this week to fill my quota, but I sank into a small aggressive depression once I realized that it was still 30 degrees and snowing in Ithaca and I had piles of homework to do. Sorry.

I also apologize if reading about someone else’s bracket is equally as awful as listening to someone talk about their own fantasy football team because, honestly, no one really cares if you lost because Shonn Greene averaged 1.7 yards per carry.

But, here you have it. This is the official bracket of The Ithacan Sports Blog. When I put it like that it sounds like you should care.

Some notable notes:

  • Big fan of Miami this year. I think the ‘Canes are athletic enough to beat anyone in the country, played enough strong competition to know what’s ahead of them in the tourney, and are coached by Jim Larranaga — a guy who knows what it takes to survive and advance (which reminds me, I’m definitely writing a future blog about ESPN’s newest 30 for 30, Survive and Advance. Go watch it).
  • Picked Gonzaga only because there is no clear-cut top team this year and rooting for Gonzaga makes me feel like I’m pulling for an underdog.
  • Also one of the reasons I don’t like making a bracket — it’s way more fun to cheer for the underdog in March Madness, but when the team you picked to win it all is losing to a No.16 seed, you freak out.
  • I feel like Kansas loses every year to someone they shouldn’t. Michigan has the tools to run by the Jayhawks.
  • Always have disliked Duke, hence why I put them in the Final Four. Safe play, win-win if they lose or win.

So, yeah, I didn’t just pick mascots or flip a coin. Here’s to hoping you don’t lose money to someone who did.