December 9, 2022
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Breathing Easy During Cramming Season

As finals roll around it’s inevitable that we, as college students, are going to be clinging onto our laptops, tablets and phones to keep us connected to our studying,l and professors.  Although the closeness may seem like its keeping you sane, it may be creating more stress. When we’re coming down to crunch time the key is to take a break that’s not too long but not inexistent. Here are ways that I will be keeping sane:

  • Yoga & Meditation

Whether it’s within one of the group classes, or in your room, yoga has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.  Through poses, meditation and different breathing exercises, yoga teaches the participants to control breathing which further helps you become mindfully aware, control your body and overall put you in a better mood

  • Working Out

When I have a lot of anxiousness and frustration building up in my system, I always find it helpful to work it out with myself in the gym.  I can be there from 30 minutes to 2 hours (by myself, or with friends), doing cardio, strength training and my knee exercises.  I always find myself really goal-oriented when it comes to the gym; so my focus is on something other than my studies.

  • Recreation Room

I am an extremely competitive person, even though I am not on a sport; so going to the rec-room is a very good outlet to be awesome, without the Division 3 commitment.  With multiple pool tables, Ping Pong, Air hockey and Chess, this room in Campus Center is definitely my new stress reliever.


  • Walks

Yes, it’s getting a little cold for this; but there are a lot of indoor places on campus that give you visionary access to the outdoors.  Taking a walk through the underground tunnel from Phillips Hall to Dillingham, and maybe even finding a seat somewhere in the middle, can give you a lot of time to yourself without stressing yourself out.  It is important to have that time to yourself.

  • Group Study in the library

If you really feel like you need to at least be in the studious environment, I suggest that you d0 it with friends.  Since everyone is working towards the goal of getting their work done, it’s nice to sit with a group of friends in the library at table.  Keep in mind that you may not get a lot of work done, but the peer pressure of getting something done will be surrounding you.