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Why You So Negative? uses magazines, flyers, clothing and more to highlight the whitewashing of yoga in the United States.

Q&A: Exhibit confronts appropriation of yoga in America

By Mike Ross, Life and Culture Editor April 14, 2022
"Why You So Negative?" uses magazines, flyers, clothing and more to highlight the whitewashing of yoga in the United States.
Athletes from the Ithaca College mens and womens track and field teams participate in a yoga session with instructor Melissa Weiner on Sept. 10.

Athletes namaste in shape with yoga cross-training

By Lauren White, Assistant Sports Editor September 11, 2019
Several Ithaca College varsity athletic teams utilize yoga-based cross-training programs to strengthen both their minds and bodies.
Freshman Lindsay Grubb, communication management and design major, writes that Western and European cultures need to be more respectful of traditional yoga practices.

Commentary: Yoga is widely misappropriated in the West

By Lindsay Grubb October 9, 2018
So next time, before you sign up for that Hot Yoga class that burns 600 calories in an hour, remember the true motives of yoga and how you may be disrespecting them.
The Ithaca College Physical Therapy Student Association and the Ithaca College Nutrition Club hosted the third Yogathon on April 2. Participants took part in four hour-long yoga classes and ate snacks provided by the IC Nutrition Club.

WATCH: Student associations host third annual Yogathon

By Emily Lussier, Staff Writer April 4, 2018
“I think we wanted to create an event ourselves and not only reach out to communities but also create something the community can come to,” Di Francesco said.

My weekly workouts

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger April 12, 2016
Just a little inspiration if you don't have a workout routine already!

Group Exercise #3: Yoga

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger March 31, 2016
There are appealing and unappealing sides to yoga for me: Meditation that I can relax with, and using stamina that I simply do not have yet. However, I highly recommend it to start your week, or procrastinate until you have to sit down and do your homework Sunday night.

Challenge #5 + #6: Gluten Free and Extending Exercise

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger March 27, 2016
My friend is incredibly adventurous when it comes to new food and exercise adventures, and I'm going to follow in her foot steps for a week!
Group Exercise Schedule!

Group Exercise Schedule!

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger February 12, 2016
I'll be reviewing each of the student accessible classes, so if you're ever interested there are multiple time slots for each of the classes.
Breathing Easy During Cramming Season

Breathing Easy During Cramming Season

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger December 3, 2015
When we're coming down to crunch time, the key is to take a break that's not too long but not inexistent. Here are ways that I will be keeping sane:
Junior Zack Samuels poses among a yoga class Feb. 24 in the Fitness Center.

Yoga thrives in Ithaca College’s student community

By Kalia Kornegay, Contributing Writer February 25, 2015
Ithaca College's student body finds stress relief and spiritual gratification in the practice of yoga.
How the mighty havent fallen

How the mighty haven’t fallen

By Jessica Corbett, Social Media Manager July 6, 2014
Liz has been teaching workshops and weekly classes at Mighty Yoga for about three years, and her specialty is progressive vinyasa flow. Just as it sounds, this style of yoga focuses on flow, with each sequence — called namaskars — adding more poses as the practice progresses.
Lee Goodhew Romm, professor of performance studies, teaches her yoga class Sept. 27 at Sunrise Yoga on South Cayuga Street. Goodhew Romm was certified as a yoga instructor in June.

Relaxation certified: Music professor teaches local yoga class after earning official license this summer

By Carolyn Hartley, Contributing Writer October 2, 2013
Lee Goodhew Romm, professor of performance studies in the James J. Whalen School of Music, is teaching a new yoga class after being certified to teach yoga, in June.
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