November 29, 2022
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Challenge #5 and #6 Review

Alright.  Going gluten free and committing to going to the gym twice a day in the same week was not such a smart idea.

After the first two days of changing my diet, I was having trouble falling right to sleep and staying awake during the day.  Mid-way through the week I found out that going gluten free can make you fatigued because, according to Cosmopolitan,  “Gluten breaks down to sugar in your body, so when you cut out all the gluten, you drastically cut your sugar intake, and send your body into sugar withdrawal.”  Then, I was throwing myself to go to the gym in the mornings and evenings, without realizing I wasn’t going to have a lot of energy for much else.  However, I was happy to see that the dining halls were pretty accessible, except the bread  which falls apart instantly for a sandwich, but makes great toast.

I took a break from my double-gym days on Wednesday after I took a 7am cycling class at the fitness center.  I was motivated to go in the morning to get it out of the way like I used to first semester and I felt good afterwards.  Not only was I exhausted from the early morning after my 8am class, I had so much work to do with energy I couldn’t take myself to use at the gym.

So, from last week I learned a couple of things:

  1. I can, and will, continue my gluten free charade for another week. Instead of going for the full blown month, I’ve decided taking it one week at a time will kill me less.
  2. A new way of eating is a learning process. I accidentally put crispy chicken on my salad in the pub, and didn’t realize until I was half-way through it.  I didn’t cry about it- I just kept eating it because I know I’ll live and I’ll try again next time.
  3. Going to the gym twice a day means I absolutely have time to go at least once a day.
  4. A break in the middle and end of the week is absolutely necessary so my body isn’t sore from actually pain, and not building muscle.