December 9, 2022
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College football jersey craze: an ode to swag

By definition an “ode” can/should be sung, so feel free to lyric these upcoming words (if you do that,  it’d be pyrrhic).

First off, I hate myself a little bit for confidently and seriously using the word “swag.” It’s really a term that belongs in a massive garbage bag.

But most likely, it caught your eye. Swag is now more important than ever, but why?

To woo an incoming 18-year-old to join your college football program, it’s not as much about academics, facilities, coaches or even partying like it’s “Project X.” You get the kid if your jerseys have the best effects when looking through a nice pair of specs.

Why is Oregon a perennial top-10 team? Because wearing the threads of Nike is simply a pipe dream.

Seriously, ask any teenager if they could play college football at a school of his choice, I’d bank that him/her would place the Ducks in the top five. Is the swag craze good, bad or just another way to let the big businesses connive?

Who cares, let’s watch some football.

Here’s a look at the freshest college football jerseys on ESPN.