November 30, 2022
Ithaca, NY | 40°F


IC’s (Better Version of) Fourthmeal

I went to late night four consecutive times this week. As many times as you can go in a week. And I found that by the time I got around to Thursday, it just was not as exciting, nor was I hungry. But let’s back-pedal to Monday so I can describe why I love late night.

Until about eight o’clock, Monday consisted of four classes, three meetings, two quizzes, and one meal. So when a friend texted me asking if we should hit up late night, I jumped on the opportunity.

Monday means breakfast at late night and the people I went with slathered syrup on the French toast sticks, pancakes, and possibly the omelets. A good combination given my auto-debate in my last blog; however, I enjoyed the timeless meal of a milkshake, chicken patty, and fruit. (Weird combination, but delicious at age 18.)

The best is Taco Tuesday, where more of your fellow Ithacans than you thought could fit into a dining hall converge on Towers to get tacos filled with delicious chicken, tacos filled with questionable beef-meat-stuff, and piled high nachos. Enjoy it but beware the lines: it took me a solid 12 minutes to get a milkshake. It was that night that I realized the late night milkshake is probably the most constant part of my diet… oyy.

So while the rest of the world may cheer for Taco Bell’s well-advertised Fourthmeal, we at IC know better.

Enjoy your weekend and remember that red jello is not a good choice.