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London A-Z

London AZ



In London, one of the most-loved and most-used London Guidebooks is called the London A-Z. You can find this book in any convenience store, street vendor, Waterstone, and on any shelf in ICLC.


aZedMy personal semester-long project was to create my own London A-Z, featuring all of my favorite/most memorable London places and spaces! This project took about a month and a half, and covers about 40 pages of a sketchbook.

Please enjoy the first part of my London A-Z!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.05.33 AM

“Hey! I’m Allie, and I’ve been spending Fall of 2015 in London”

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.07.40 AM

“Here’s my London A-Z…It’s filled with quotes, pictures, anecdotes, and my favorite London Places and spaces!”

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“Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it, sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain. Cheap paper is less perishable than gray matter, and lead pencil markings endure longer than memory…”-Jack London

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Abbey Road

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My flatmates on our red and black fifties couch in Bayswater! Flat #5 was wonderful with Jimmy, Ella, Eric, Sarah and Evan!

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Brick Lane, the home of one of the coolest street art communities in London!

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Drama and the London Theatre, one of my favorite classes at ICLC. Our Professor, Munmun, took us to see amazing shows like Beaux Strategem, War Horse, Waste, Les Mis, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Hairy Ape, Medea, and other great shows of “pure theatre!”

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.15.48 AM

The Epping Forest, Sarah and I tried to go out to Zone 6 to visit Epping Forest. Even after 2 hours of wandering around a posh neighborhood, we never found the forest. To this day, I’m convinced that it doesn’t really exist.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 12.18.41 AM

“Sitting in an English Garden waiting for the sun…If the sun don’t come, you get a tan from standing in the English rain…”~I am the Walrus, The Beatles

That’s all for now!

I’ll be uploading the next bit later this week. Hope that you’re all having a splendid holiday season and that finals didn’t beat y’all up too badly!

How I felt after ICLC Finals Week ended:

travel fam

(Yes, that’s Ella’s face peaking over my shoulder) 🙂