March 22, 2023
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RIT student’s project turned into Manchester Orchestra music video

Most college students who stay up until the early hours of the morning finishing the assignment they have been putting off all week never realize their work could become a masterpiece. Rochester Institute of Technology senior Ben Disinger was no different.

Disinger was working on a final project for his experimental film class in April as a second semester junior when he realized the scenes he had shot around Rochester coincided to the beat of the song Virgin by Manchester Orchestra. After his assignment was turned in, the 21-year-old film student decided to ask the band’s permission to edit the video to fit with the lyrics and melody of the song. He bought tickets to the band’s upcoming show in town and waited for them outside their tour bus. When he showed the band what he had worked on they were blown away. All it took was a few changes required by the band’s manager for the video to become a hit. It made the top 10 most viewed videos on Fuse’s website over the summer and currently has more than 695,000 views on You Tube.

In July, the music video for Virgin won awards for Best Music Video and Best Director at the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival for independent filmmakers.

Disinger, who hopes to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in film after graduating in May, was excited and happy about the video’s meteoric rise to fame.

“It feels like I’ve just kissed a girl who I’ve secretly admired for a very long time,” he said in a news story published in Rochester Institute of Technology’s University News last month.