November 30, 2022
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Thoughts On Much Anticipated McNabb Return

After a week long of speculation about how Donovan McNabb would be received by his former fan base, what actually happened was not a shock, even though the other way would’ve been more fitting.

McNabb was cheered and given a standing ovation when his named was announced to the crowd. It was a classy gesture by the Philadelphia fans who are usually much maligned for isolated instances.

First off, I think the way the fans cheered should annul all stereotypes that they are a bad fan base. McNabb should’ve been booed from the start, not the first time he stepped on the field for a play.

By him getting applauded just showed that in whatever profession you’re in, if you’re there for a long time and have some success, you’re appreciated.

However, the way McNabb played in the Redskins 17-12 win over the Eagles showed why he was really deserving of a boo.

Let’s face it – he stunk. He didn’t win the Redskins the game. In fact, he almost cost them the contest. We saw the same exact laziness, miscues and mistakes that McNabb often did for the Eagles, especially in big games.

He threw balls in the dirt – may all of those worms rest in peace.

He overthrew wide open receivers – sorry to all of the fantasy football goers who needed big numbers from McNabb.

He called two unnecessary time outs – I feel bad for the people who wanted to go to bed early that night.

And as an ALMOST result – the Eagles had more time than they should’ve in the end to make a miracle comeback and win the game. If only Jason Avant’s hands held onto the ball the whole way. Not to mention, the Redskins missed multiple opportunities to just break the game wide open.

McNabb got lucky. Then, his commentary after the game in the locker room to his teammates about how the Eagles “made a mistake last year,” was uncalled for. After the reception he received before the game and good graces after, McNabb should’ve had nothing but nice comments to say about Philadelphia in general.

He did for his Fox post game interview. But he went back on the original comments when he thought the cameras were turned off.

That’s why he should’ve been booed.

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