January 31, 2023
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You need to see UFC

(Don’t watch that whole video — you can probably do better with that full eight minutes of your time)

Mixed Martial Arts are wild. Two humans in a cage just duking it out Super Smash Bros style. Elbows find noses, bare fists connect with cheek bones, limbs snap while bodies roll around — wild.

Tonight, Ronda Rousey — the torchbearer for the women’s UFC movement — makes history by fighting in the first ever women’s UFC main event against Liz Carmouche at UFC 157. Regardless of how you feel about the whole MMA thing, it’s undeniable how cool it is that a women’s sporting event is the main draw in a testosterone-filled sport. (Also something of note: How happy is UFC that the Olympics ousted wrestling? If you’re a top wrestler, you can’t have a gold medal for your country, so you learn a left jab and a right hook and bang you’re making cash in the UFC)

Anyway, when I’m feeling particularly blood-thursty and want to get back to my carnivorous roots, UFC is the choice. Boxing is for Jay Gatsby. If I wanted to watch corruption, I’d turn on C-Span.

These UFC men/women are something else. Wouldn’t be surprised if on Saturdays they take double shots of moonshine and chase with screwdrivers. You need to know wrestling, boxing and practice karate. I.E. they are absolute hosses.

Normally, I’d write about what an all-out brawl in a cage for money is doing to our culture, but I’m in no place to write about that when I join in. Thursday night I sat down, flipped on Spike, and sucked in a few hundred flies while my jaw was open watching this sport. I’m just compelled by the raw nature of the sport. I know I use the word raw a lot, but it’s rare that a mainstream sport like this can feel as if it’s happening in your backyard. Crazy.

So, speaking of money, I don’t have it so if you feel like dropping the $55 tonight for UFC 157, I’ll bring the Magic Hat.


PS — if you haven’t seen Warrior, please go watch it.