March 24, 2023
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Caffeine Fix: Review of select drinks

Gimme! Coffee: Latte
$4 (medium), $4.25 (large)

When compared to Ithaca Bakery’s specialty drinks, a latte is perhaps the most diverse offering on Gimme! Coffee’s menu. However, the near-perfect drink needs no embellishments to shine. It is carried by its rich espresso and contrasting airy milk.



Collegetown Bagels: Almond Joy Latte
$5.75 (one size)

This iced drink is light in color and heavy in saccharine syrup. While coffee may be a listed ingredient, it disappears behind the chocolate, milk and sugar — a detriment to those looking for something stronger but a delight nonetheless.



Ithaca Coffee Company: Cold Brew (Kyoto Style)
$3.25 (small), $3.75 (medium), $4.25 (large)

Ithaca Coffee Company’s cold brew shines through its silky texture. But for what tastes fairly similar to a less expensive iced coffee, the brew’s hype of additional caffeine is not worth the price.




Ithaca Coffee Company: Cafe Au Lait
$2.50 (one size)

Light frothed milk meets Ithaca Coffee Company’s richly brewed Nitro coffee. The blend touts a delicate but refined tang.




Ithaca Bakery: Jeff’s Java Jolt
$5.75 (one size)

Sweet cocoa powder meets four shots of espresso in Jeff’s Java Jolt. Best brewed hot, this quasi-hot chocolate has layers of vanilla syrup and a honey aftertaste and leaves post-drink jittery hands.




Collegetown Bagels: Taurus
$5.75 (one size)

The Taurus is enriched with hazelnut and vanilla. When velvety milk and espresso meet these flavors, the drink continues CTB’s specialty drinks’ unfortunate habit: the double shot paid for disappears into the candied syrups.

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