December 7, 2022
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Luna combines fun and comfort food


Luna Inspired Street Food on The Commons is a great place to grab a bite to eat with friends. Luna, located on Aurora Street, has been on The Commons for approximately two and a half years and has another location in Collegetown. Something that sets it apart from other restaurants on The Commons is its style of food and approach to dining. The restaurant has a more casual atmosphere, with a garage doorlike entrance that makes customers feel like they are in a food truck rather than a restaurant.

There is a lot of seating, with wooden tables lining the restaurant’s walls and filling the dining area. In the summer, there is a patio that allows customers to participate in the action on The Commons. The restaurant has both a counter with a cashier and self-service kiosks that people can use to order and pay. The workers are very kind and helpful. When asked about the best thing on the menu, the cashier listed off a handful of dishes from grilled cheeses to taco bowls. It is a very casual environment, which is emphasized by the laidback ordering system and the overall appearance of the restaurant. It is very well kept, clean and organized.

Luna has a large selection of food on its menu, ranging from tacos to pizza to loaded grilled cheese sandwiches. Luna is a good choice if you go out with a large group that wants a little bit of everything. The BB…Q King Grilled Cheese, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, is a monster-sized sandwich with barbecue pork, mac n cheese and coleslaw overflowing from the sides. The first bite was definitely the messiest but also was the best. The creaminess of the mac n cheese complements the tangy barbecue sauce. The cool coleslaw also complements the warmth of the braised short rib, creating the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Some of its other popular dishes are the Cuban Street Plate and the shrimp bowl. 

The pricing of the dishes at Luna is a little bit expensive for the area and the style of food. It’s not the type of place someone would go for a quick lunch break but rather for a birthday celebration. The grilled cheese sandwich came to approximately $15 including tax. It was large, but for a college student on a budget, it’s a little on the pricey side for a sandwich. Some other dishes offered are the Taco Salad for $12 and the Maple Bourbon Bacon Burger for $13.

Luna is a great place to go for seriously delicious comfort food and great service. It’s modern and laidback, which fits perfectly with the type of people in the area and the other restaurants on The Commons.