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Review: DeGraw samples all genres in ‘Something Worth Saving’

On Sept. 9, Gavin DeGraw released his sixth studio album, “Something Worth Saving.” The album comes three years after his previous album, “Make A Move,” and surpasses expectations. Inspired by music icons such as The Beatles and Billy Joel, DeGraw showcases his true personality throughout the 10-song album. From country to rock and roll to blues, DeGraw covers all the bases in his latest work while retaining his classic, recognizable style.

The album’s first single, “She Sets the City On Fire,” follows a finger-snapping, modern style. However, it resembles the style of boy-bands such as One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer with the artist’s layering of multiple vocals. “She Sets the City On Fire” has the potential to be a chart-topper because it was clearly written for the younger, pop-radio demographic.

Released in August, “Making Love With The Radio On” entertains a tropical feeling while the background vocals add depth and complexity. The ukulele and trumpet instrumentals help to emphasize DeGraw’s feel-good style.

DeGraw presents a sound similar to his previous song, “I Don’t Want To Be,” in his new song, “You Make My Heart Sing Louder,” from his new album. The singer-songwriter captivates his fans by returning to his original sound for this steady, medium-tempo piece. Another new song from the album that takes fans back to his 2003 sound is “Kite Like Girl.” This upbeat, instrumental song encompasses DeGraw’s classic sound but has a pop twist.

The album’s ballad “Something Worth Saving” is a beautifully written song about someone trying not to give up on a relationship. Through this song, DeGraw reaches listeners on an emotional level by lyrically illustrating his true feelings.

After DeGraw’s 2013 release, it was not clear whether the singer would rediscover his classic style. However, the album “Something Worth Saving” proves that he is capable of producing distinct and noteworthy music while holding on to his original style.

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