November 29, 2022
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Review: Metal group “Obliterations” poisoned by tired vocals


"Poison Everything

Screeching vocals and power chord–heavy riffs characterize the latest release from hardcore group Obliterations, whose latest album, “Poison Everything,” is fast, loud and anything but pretty.

The album is fueled by the instrumentals, which take shape in punk power chords and thick bass licks. The thrash group’s ’80s punk influences are most obvious in songs like “The Narcissist” and “Shame,” both of which have a manic, MC5-style drum beat and repetitive guitar riff.

However, these instruments are at times drowned out by frontman Sam James Velde’s screeching vocals. He screams and growls his way through the whole album. This wouldn’t be much of a detraction — it is hardcore punk, after all — were it not for the lack of variety in his screeches. Instead of creating a thrashing, ruthless energy, Velde’s vocals make the songs incredibly repetitive, and he brings little depth to the tracks.

Obliterations may have been attempting to rekindle the legendary chaotic punk of Discharge and MC5, however the heavy vocals poison the catchy instrumental hooks, and this album becomes little more than the recordings of a man screaming over some power chords.

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