February 2, 2023
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Review: Superb pop-punk release “Chorus” hits the high notes



Pop-punk band Literature is back with “Chorus,” and it’s evident that the group has lost none of its upbeat, guitar-driven energy in its sophomore album.

True to the album name, “Chorus” is much more melodic than their previous record, “Anthology.” Singer Nathaniel Cardaci’s voice is controlled this time around. He has moved past the distorted punk vocals he favored in the band’s debut album, and instead he has embraced the high notes. His voice is on point throughout the album, at times almost emulating Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo’s nasal crooning, but he particularly shines in “The Girl, The Gold Watch, and Everything.”

What makes this album, though, are the instruments. The guitar is a mix of bright chords and quick licks. Mixed with the running bass line and the drum that is almost constantly keeping time, the album could almost be straight punk. However, the sweetness of the vocals pushes it back into indie-pop territory, particularly in “Tie-Dye (Your Life).” However, that’s not a bad thing. The dynamic mix of genre makes the upbeat songs interesting.

Literature’s “Chorus” is relentlessly cheerful and packed with enough melodic layers to keep listeners coming back for more.

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