Take Back the Night

Across the Bernie Milton Pavilion, shirts with words of encouragement and empowerment were hung across clotheslines for Take Back the Night on April 28.

On Friday April 28, students, faculty and staff from Ithaca College, Cornell University, Lehman Alternative Community School and members of the Ithaca community gathered on The Commons for the annual Take Back the Night march. Starting in the 1970s, the purpose of the rally is to envision an end to sexual assault and domestic violence and to create a community to support survivors. The rally happens every April in Ithaca and is part of a larger international effort to reclaim the night for survivors.

Senior Lindsay Sayer, president of IC Strike, gave a speech to Ithaca College students participating in the march to The Commons on April 28. GABRIEL BIENNAS/THE ITHACAN

From left, Mahra Parian, Youngiee Quennell, Darrell Long and Heather Sandford of the band Motherwort performed at the Bernie Milton Pavilion as the marches made their way to The Commons. NOLAN SAUNDERS/THE ITHACAN

Students from Ithaca College chant and cheer as they near the end of their march to the Bernie Milton Pavilion. RORY CASSIDY/THE ITHACAN

Cornell University junior Julia Dykstra helped to lead the march from Cornell. They also helped organize the rally, working as a moderator. NOLAN SAUNDERS/THE ITHACAN

Ithaca community members gathered for the Take Back the Night rally, which featured words from Mayor Laura Lewis, the Advocacy Center staff and survivors. RORY CASSIDY/THE ITHACAN

Ana Florencia sings and plays the guitar during the rally. Florencia was one of the three performers. GABRIEL BIENNAS/THE ITHACAN

Mayer Laura Lewis gave a speech of empowerment at the rally, calling for change and encouraging activism. NOLAN SAUNDERS/THE ITHACAN

During the rally, local Ithaca drag queen Tilia Cordata performed a dance to the song “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” by Pink. RORY CASSIDY/THE ITHACAN


To stand in solidarity against sexual assault and domestic violence, the Advocacy Center handed out candles for members to light as a vigil to remember and honor survivors. NOLAN SAUNDERS/THE ITHACAN