January 30, 2023
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College warns students about malicious phone calls

Ithaca College is warning students about malicious phone calls that make false claims about class registration. 

In an April 12 email to the college community, the college stated that some students have received phone calls from an unknown number stating that the college is concerned by the number of green boxes — the to-go containers used for dining — that they are taking. The calls stated that if the boxes are not returned, the student will have a hold placed on their accounts, making them unable to register for classes. Class registration for Fall 2021 will begin April 13.   

The caller left a voicemail if the recipient did not answer the phone.

The college will not prevent students from registering for classes and will not place charges or holds on student accounts for failure to return the green takeout containers, the email stated. 

Registrar Vikki Levine said in an email to The Ithacan that this is not the college’s policy, and neither the Office of the Registrar nor Dining Services have been making these calls.  

Information Technology and the Office of Public Safety are investigating the source of the  robocalls. If anyone has received one of these calls or has any information about them, report it to Public Safety at 607-274-3333.

Alexis Manore can be reached at amanore@ithaca.edu or via Twitter: @AlexisManore