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UPDATE: Election breakdown reveals narrow margin of victory for IC*NSYNC

Updated 5:05p.m. April 25: 

IC*NSYNC narrowly edged out IC Your Voice and IC Friends in the 2015-16 Ithaca College Student Government Association Executive Board election.

IC*NSYNC received 28.39 percent of the 1,247 votes cast.  IC Your Voice and IC Friends received 26.46 and 25.42 percent of the vote respectively.

The Carter 5 received 11.95 percent of the vote, while BEV received 6.82 percent.

Only 0.96 percent of voters voted no-confidence. Last year, 4.57 percent of voters voted no confidence.

Turnout for the election increased slightly, from 1,224 last year to 1,247 this year.

The complete breakdown of the election results can be found below.

Reaction from the candidates

SGA president-elect Dominick Recckio said he believes his ticket’s platform and media plan were key to their success.

“A lot of time and effort was put into crafting our platform,” Recckio said.

Recckio also said a video created by Kyle Stewart, vice president of communications, which had over 2,000 views on Facebook successfully conveyed his ticket’s platform.

Recckio said his first action in office will be initiating a campus-wide conversation around creating a student bill of rights. The IC*NYSNC website says the student bill of rights will give students a voice.

“We want to start to switch the narrative, and ask our college to let us in on the discussions regarding priorities,” the website says.

Recckio also said his executive board will be working to further the discussion about microagressions on campus.

Junior Elijah Breton, who was the presidential candidate on the IC Friends tickets, said he was disappointed with the outcome but pleased with his ticket’s campaign.

“IC Friends team did everything we could have possibly done,” Breton said. “There’s nothing we would have done differently.”

Breton said one issue he is worried about next year is Recckio’s plan to consolidate clubs, which is outlined on the IC*NYSNC website.

“There absolutely should not be any policy forcing student organizations to collaborate,” Breton said.

Sean Themea, the presidential candidate on the IC Your Voice ticket, said his ticket still hopes to improve the college campus.

“We still want to make this campus a better place and fight for change,” Themea said.

Themea said he hopes student voice will be heard and have an impact in dining services and in the microagressions reporting system.

Both Themea and Breton congratulated IC*NYSNC on their victory.

Jamila Carter of The Carter 5 and Jacob Greenberg of BEV could not be reached for comment.

The members of the IC*NSYNC ticket and their positions are below.

President: Dominick Recckio

Vice President of Academic Affairs: Kyle Daniel James

Vice President of Business & Finance: Evan Layne

Vice President of Campus Affairs: Yena Seo

Vice President of Communications: Kyle Stewart

Read IC NSYNC’s platform here.

Below is the full election breakdown.

SGA Executive Board
Total Votes: 1247
IC*NSYNC – 28.39%
IC Your Voice – 26.46%
IC Friends – 25.42%
The Carter 5 – 11.95%
BEV – 6.82%
No confidence – 0.96%

SGA Class of 2018 Senator
Total votes: 145
Angela Pradhan – 76.55%              
Carter Jackson – 56.55%
No confidence – 15.17%


SGA Senator at Large
Total votes: 376
Jonathan Gould – 68.55%                           
Jonathan Couce –  64.78%
No confidence – 22.31%


SGA School of Communications Senator
Total votes: 175
Kaitlin Logsdon – 89.71%   
No confidence – 10.29%

SGA School of Business Senator
Total votes: 36
Joseph Fenning – 91.67%
No confidence – 8.33%


SGA International Senator
Total votes: 19
Attila Mendli – 57.89%    
No confidence – 42.11%


SGA Transfer Senator
Total votes: 19
Tate Dremstedt – 100.00%
No confidence – 0.00%


Alumni Council
Total votes: 128

Kassie Moore – 54.69%
Jonathon Cummings – 42.19%
No confidence – 3.13%

Vice President/Reunion Chair
Samantha Gibble – 89.06%
No confidence – 10.94%

Social Media Chair
Chelsea Hartman – 84.38%
No confidence – 15.63%


Senior Class Executive Board
Total votes: 123
Turning Your Senior Year Up – 94.31%
No confidence – 5.69%


Junior Class Council
Total Votes: 146

Griffin Schultz – 86.30%
No confidence – 13.70%

Vice President
Ciara Lucas – 88.36%
No confidence – 11.64%

Director of Marketing
Erica Dischino – 90.41%
No confidence – 9.59%


Sophomore Class Council
Total votes: 169

Babatunde Adeyinka –  78.70%
No confidence – 21.30%

Vice President
Goldye Horan – 52.66%
Madline Giamartino – 40.24%
No confidence – 7.10%

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