February 8, 2023
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Ithaca College Fitness Center roof undergoing repairs

An ongoing project to replace the roof of the Ithaca College Fitness Center has been underway since Sept. 1.

Timothy Carey, associate vice president of the college’s campus facilities, cited a recent condition audit of the building, which found significant leaks throughout the building as the reason for the replacement. Since the Fitness Center’s construction in 1999, the roof has undergone a series of repairs, which have grown in frequency in recent years.

The growing disrepair necessitates the replacement of the entire roof, a decision which was finalized during the spring semester.

Carey said he didn’t have “cost information to share at this time.”

“It’s pretty standard maintenance,” Sean Reilley, program coordinator of recreational sports, said.

Reilley said there have been leaks throughout the building over the last few years. The purpose of the repairs is to fix the flat stretch of the building’s roof that currently has poor drainage, which was the cause of these leaks.   

Barring inclement weather, the project is scheduled to be completed by the contractor in early October, and so far the timeline seems to be on track, Carey said.  

Residents of the college were notified Aug. 31 of the impending repairs through an email from the Office of Residential Life, advising students that work would continue during normal business hours from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. until the work is complete. The email also warned of an increase in noise in the area due to the repairs.

A setup of construction equipment behind Eastman Hall is related to the repairs as well, David Maley, senior associate director of media relations, said.

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