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Park Center for Independent Media announces Izzy Award winners

The Park Center for Independent Media announced the winners of the 11th annual Izzy Award on April 3.

This year, the award will be presented to one publication and three journalists: Earth Island Journal, Laura Flanders, Dave Lindorff and Aaron Maté.

Earth Island Journal features stories on the relationships between the environment, women and indigenous peoples. The award is being presented for the Autumn 2018 edition of the journal. Laura Flanders is the host and executive producer of “The Laura Flanders Show,” a program that explores racist, sexist and economic exclusionary policies. Dave Lindorff is an investigative journalist who has reported on the Pentagon’s misleading annual financial reports. He also runs the alternative news site This Can’t Be Happening! Aaron Maté is an independent journalist who has contributed to The Nation with pieces about the Mueller investigation.

Raza Rumi, director of the Park Center for Independent Media, said there were over 30 submissions for the awards. The Izzy Award is awarded by judges Rumi; Jeff Cohen, retired director of the Park Center for Independent Media and retired associate professor in the Department of Journalism; and Linda Jue, executive director and editor at G.W. Williams Center for Independent Journalism in San Francisco. The awards are given to journalists who have exhibited “outstanding achievement in independent media,” according to the Park Center for Independent Media’s website. Rumi said that like previous Izzy winners, the recipients have always been advocates for telling the truth and have had major impacts on national politics and political conversations. He said the award signifies the importance of independent media among claims of fake news in today’s media environment.

“These awards recognize that ongoing, long tradition of dissent in America,” Rumi said. “At the same time, it is an encouragement to younger journalists who choose to avoid the business as usual.”

The award is given in honor of I.F. “Izzy” Stone, a politically radical American investigative journalist and writer of the 20th century. The ceremony will be held 7 p.m. April 15 in the Emerson Suites.

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