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Public Safety Log: Feb. 6 – Feb. 12

February 6

Safety Hazard
SUMMARY: Officer reported equipment ruptured hydraulic line and leaked fluid. Environmental health and safety officer cleaned spill area. Environmental Health and Safety Assistant Director Tim Ryan.

Medical Assist
LOCATION: Fitness Center
SUMMARY: Caller reported person injured their head on piece of equipment. Person transported to hospital by ambulance. Sergeant Terry O’Pray.

Accidental Property Damage
LOCATION: Higgins Stadium
SUMMARY: Officer reported vehicle driving on athletic field. Officer reported person was lost and accidentally drove on athletic field. Officer checking with facility to see if there is any damage. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Jon Shingledecker.

Conduct Code Violation
LOCATION: Terraces
SUMMARY: Caller reported having difficulty breathing possibly due to smoking marijuana. One person transported to hospital by ambulance and judicially referred violation of drug policy. Master Patrol Officer Bob Jones.

February 7

Conduct Code Violation
LOCATION: Boothroyd Hall
SUMMARY: Caller reported intoxicated person conscious but not alert. Person was taken into custody under the mental hygiene law, transported to hospital by ambulance and judicially referred for irresponsible use of alcohol. Patrol Officer Eric Willman.

Medical Assist
LOCATION: West Tower
SUMMARY: Caller reported person having difficulty breathing possibly caused by accidentally taking too much medicine. Person declined medical assistance with ambulance staff. Sgt. Dirk Hightchew.

Exposure of Person
SUMMARY: Officer reported person urinating in public. One person judicially referred for indecent conduct. Master Security Officer Chris Lemore.

Theft of Services
SUMMARY: Caller reported person refusing to pay cab fare. Upon officers arrival, person was attempting to pay fare and it appeared to be miscommunication.  Theft of service unfounded. Sgt. Dirk Hightchew.

February 8 

Conduct Code Violation
LOCATION: Holmes Hall
SUMMARY: Caller reported intoxicated person vomiting. Person declined medical assistance with ambulance staff and was judicially referred for irresponsible use of alcohol. Security Officer Brittany Miller.

Off-Campus Incident
LOCATION: All other
SUMMARY: Officer reported vehicle pulled over for failing to stop at stop sign and found passenger had injury to face. Passenger indicated physical altercation had occurred in the City of Ithaca but declined medical assistance or reporting to IPD. Officer issued the driver a warning for stop sign. Patrol Officer Jon Shingledecker.

Medical Assist
LOCATION: Campus Center
SUMMARY: Caller reported person passed out and hit their head when they fell. Person transported to hospital by ambulance. Master Patrol Officer Don Lyke.

February 9

LOCATION: Williams Hall
SUMMARY: Officer reported unauthorized person inside building. Officer determined person was given keys but not on the permission list. Patrol Officer Dan Austic.

Criminal Mischief
LOCATION: Athletics and Events Center
SUMMARY: Caller reported unknown person put hole in the wall. Investigation pending. Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock.

February 10

Forcible Touching
LOCATION: Emerson Hall
SUMMARY: Caller reported a sexual harassment complaint. Victim stated the person touched their buttocks without them giving consent, made sexual comments and then refused to leave room. This happened on different dates. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

Case Status Change
LOCATION: Office of Public Safety
SUMMARY: Officer interviewed person regarding forcible touching complaint reported this date in Emerson Hall and one person judicially referred for sex offenses and criminal trespass.  Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

February 11

LOCATION: West Tower
SUMMARY: Caller reported an unknown person stole clothing. Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

Possession of Marijuana
LOCATION: West Tower
SUMMARY: Person attempted to mail package that contained marijuana. Sender was identified. Sender was then interviewed and later  judicially referred for unlawful possession of marijuana. Sgt. Tom Dunn.


SUMMARY: Complainant reported contact with victim violating a written restriction. Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

Criminal Mischief

LOCATION: Circle Apartments
SUMMARY: Complainant reported a person punched the victim in the face, damaged their property and then refused to the leave room. Medical assistance was later declined. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Jon Shingledecker. 

February 12

Motor Vehicle Accident
LOCATION: Textor Circle
SUMMARY: Caller reported property damage motor vehicle accident. Report taken. Patrol Officer Jon Elmore.

Medical Assist
LOCATION: Emerson Hall
SUMMARY: Officer reported after person received letter, person made indication of harming themselves. Person was taken into custody under mental hygiene law and transported to hospital. Sgt. Terry O’Pray.

Making Graffiti
LOCATION: Williams Hall
SUMMARY: Unknown person wrote graffiti. Investigation pending. Patrol Officer Eric Willman.

LOCATION: West Tower
SUMMARY: Caller reported overhearing racial slur not directed at anyone. Officer determined two parties directed comments at each other. Two people judicially referred for harassment. Patrol Officer Eric Willman.