December 6, 2022
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SGC announces 2022–23 executive board and senate members

The Ithaca College student body has elected IC United and seven senators to the Student Governance Council (SGC) for the 2022–23 academic year. 

The polling period was open April 28 and 29. The student body elected senators to seven out of 25 senate positions. The remaining positions, as well as the Class of 2026 senator position, will be open to run for during the Fall 2022 elections.

IC United was the only slate that ran for the executive board and has been elected with a total of 108 votes. The slate also received 14 votes of no confidence. A vote of no confidence is an option listed in every race for students to select if they do not have confidence in any of the candidates listed to fill the position effectively. If a candidate receives more votes of no confidence than regular votes, that candidate will not be elected.

Junior Grace Madeya will be the new president of the student body, junior Soumyaa Joshi will be vice president of campus affairs, junior Tessa Kurtz will be vice president of academic affairs, junior Maxwell Powers will be returning as vice president of business and finance and sophomore James Zampetti will be returning as vice president of communications.

Madeya is currently the Class of 2023 senator and Kurtz is the current senator for the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance. Joshi was vice president of academic affairs during the 2020–21 academic year and senator for the School of Humanities and Sciences in Fall 2021 before going abroad for Spring 2022.

During IC United’s platform presentation — hosted by the SGC on April 19 — Madeya confirmed that, if elected, the slate would make junior Lila Weiser chief of staff. 

Sophomore Nick Viggiani ran for Class of 2024 senator unopposed and won with 32 votes as well as 11 votes of no confidence. The second senator position for the Class of 2024 remains empty.

Junior Himadri Seth will be returning as the international senator and received three votes and one vote of no confidence. 

Junior Maya Scriven will represent one of five available positions for senator-at-large. Scriven received 110 votes and 12 votes of no confidence. 

Freshmen Hannah Ahmed and Noah Richardson ran unopposed for the two Class of 2025 senator positions and were both elected. Ahmed received 15 votes and Richardson received 11 votes out of a total 19 voters. There were two votes of no confidence, meaning two voters did not want either candidate. 

Junior Harley Grossman ran unopposed for the School of Humanities and Sciences senator and won with 41 votes and four votes of no confidence.

Sophomore Alexa Rahman will be the senator for the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance. Rahman received 29 votes and four votes of no confidence. The second candidate, freshman Vincent Tavernese — the current senator — gave a platform presentation but was removed from the ballot.

“I can’t provide any further information about individual candidates,” junior and current Senate Chair Austin Ruffino said via email to The Ithacan when asked about Tavernese.

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